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Our first contribution has been made to "Spastic Children Association of Petaling Jaya and Federal Territory

Streams Of Life event was made possible by your attendance and the generous contributions from donors and sponsors.

Without them, this wonderful event wouldn’t have taken place.

Part of the balance proceeds from this event after clearing off all costs will be channelled to the needy or families that are in need.

Our first contribution has been made to the “Spastic Children Association Of Petaling Jaya and Federal Territory”.

If you saw our newsletter, those were our projects from our last year event.

We will be looking out for similar families this year and our Pendulums group will review them for their genuineness and eligibility to receive the donations.

If you enjoyed our Streams Of Life event and have benefited from it and are looking forward to more similar events, do feel free to spread the word and look out for our upcoming events.

If you do know of any families in dire need of help, do feel free to get in touch with us as well.

Also we are constantly looking for donors and sponsors to allow us to run our events, so do feel free to contact us should you feel called to lend us a helping hand for our next upcoming project🙏😍

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