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Why Streams Of Life is important?

PENDULUMS OF THE UNIVERSE PLT. (“POTU”) was founded by Ms Sarika Maholtra together
with a group of volunteers. POTU is a non-religious, non-political organisation which was
incorporated in 2018 with the objective of helping individuals from all walks of life to have
a deeper understanding of themselves and to develop their maximum potential using a
holistic approach connecting physical, mental and emotional self.
POTU’s aim is to organise a series of interactive events featuring speakers covering a wide
variety of topics with the ultimate goal of guiding participants to leading a more balanced
life. We believe that these events will inspire and empower participants by boosting their
self-confidence, self realisation and self understanding which will in turn enhance their
individual experiences/outlook on a personal and professional level.

As part of POTU’s initiative to inspire and empower participants, POTU has created “Streams of
Life” an interactive program where participants can discover, practice and explore holistic and
wellness topics which can be applied daily in their lives. “Streams of Life” is a full day event guided
by facilitators who are passionate in sharing their wisdom and experiences.

The upcoming Streams of Life event will be held on 14 July 2019 which will be our 2nd installment following our 1 st event on 14 October 2018. For our 1 st event, we were truly blessed to have the support of 150 participants attending our event. During our 1 st event, we had 8 facilitators speaking on the following topics Abundance, Breathwork, Space Cleansing, Essential Oils, Colours, Nutrition, Connecting to your Guides and Self Love. For the 2019 instalment, 6 facilitators will be featured and  sharing their knowledge on these topics

1) Yoga and Breathwork – A practical application
2) Children – Our Future “Communication is key”
3) Essential Oils – Daily applications
4) Enhancing loving relationships
5) The Art of Self Healing
6) Silencing the Mind

As compared to the 1 st event, the participants will find this instalment more hands-on as there will be practical exercises that each facilitator will guide the participants through. At the end of the day, the participants can use these knowledge and apply it to their daily lives. On top of that, there will be 3 sessions of mindfulness practices that allow participants to attain self-awareness and enlightenment.

These practices will be easy to follow and can be used daily. Participants will also be receiving a
goodie bag worth RM800. Additionally, 25 lucky draw items are up for grabs.
For our 2019 event, we have also had the opportunity to invite and collaborate with Breast Cancer Welfare Association (“BCWA”) and Gribbles. BCWA will be providing free breast assessment to willing participants and share awareness on Breast Cancer and early detection. Gribbles have also agreed to provide on-spot health screening at the venue at reasonable charges. We will also have an exhibition area where participants can liase with holistic and wellness service providers.

For our 2018 event, we were blessed with generous sponsors supporting our cause and event.
Accordingly, we were able to maintain our event fee at a reasonable fee. Through the sponsorships and support of our volunteers, we were able to have excess funds from the event for our outreach initiatives. As far as our group is concerned we have only recently started to spread our wings and it is not our intention to only assist those orphanages or charities that may be currently assisted by corporate donors. Rather we wanted to channel the extra funds to those individuals or families in dire need be it for medical expenses, daily necessities etc. Through our network, we came across 2 such families.

a) Vasanthimalar’s Family:

Tracy, our fellow member, met Vasanthi in the Sri Sentosa market as she was speaking to one of the stall vendors. Vasanthi was actually discussing with the stall vendor to allow her to sell some fruits at the stall. The stall owner was more than willing to help. However, Vasanthi had no financial means of getting the fruits and promised to be back at another time. Tracy took the opportunity to speak to Vasanthi where she shared her plight.

Vasanthi’s husband who was working as a security personnel was the sole bread winner of the home until he passed away due a heart attack sometime in July 2017. She has 2 sons. The eldest is 19 year of age and the youngest is 11 years old. Vasanthi’s eldest son, Ravi Varhmaah a/l Raveendran has been an OKU since he was an infant. His condition includes

1. Blindness
2. Unable to walk
3. Unable to speak
4. Regular epileptic attacks

Ravi also needs constant care and medical assistance due to his condition.
Vasanthi’s 2nd son, Thanasvaran a/l Raveendran is 11 years of age and is in good health. He is
currently attending school in PJ, Old Town. Vasanthi’s has no means of income except through the money she gets from selling recyclable items such as plastic bottles, tins, etc. The family currently is living in a flat, which the husband was supposed to have bought over from a friend, has allowed them to stay on under a minimal rental.

Vasanthi is also unable to service the full rental and even at times unable to pay at all. However, the friend has been kind enough to allow the family to live there until a need arises for disposal of the property. Another form of income for Vasanti is that she sells sweets and chocolate at the entrance of her flat to people passing by.

Vasanthi’s plight was highlighted during one of the Streams of Life meeting and it was decided that would support her as part of our first Outreach initiative. During the 2018 Deepavali celebration, 3 members of Pendulums of the Universe visited and presented her with a donation, fruits, groceries and a hamper in time for Deepavali. During the visit, Vasanthi had also shared her difficulty in raising enough funds for her family.

b) Lend A Helping Hand For Deevesh


WhatsApp  message

“Our cry for HELP…


Our son, Deevesh Alagesan (aged 5years old) was an active boy who has been diagnosed having Leukemia last month. Since then, the hospital has been his second home where he is undergoing bone marrow, chemotherapy and several medical treatment in which the side effect has lead to diabetes and lungs infection.We are doing our best as his parents with a HOPE that he will start leading a normal life again. Please help if possible share the news around so he can get all the help he needs.


Thanking each good souls out there.


Name : Shamala Dewi

Contact no : 0102093095

Bank Account Number : 6-3692145-03(public bank)”

For our second outreach initiative, Selvi, our fellow member came across this Whatsapp message on Deevesh’s plight in battling Leukemia. Selvi contacted Shamala who shared with us on the funds needed for Deevesh to complete his treatments. Given the difficulty that the family and child was going through, POTU decided to support Deevesh. Our volunteers and members have been generous in contributing to Deevesh plight.

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