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Now if you have been wondering what is this “Master Manifestor” Oracle Deck all about but was too shy to ask us about it. Here it is….. the BIG REVEAL!!!

An Oracle decks is a deck that provides guidance and clarity; eases fear and anxiety, and helps you tap into your intuition and the answers that are already within you.

So, what’s so special about this Oracle deck?

Like all Oracle Decks, each creator of Oracle Decks have intuitively and lovingly downloaded messages that are just right for you.

In our case, our team have downloaded intuitive messages that assist you in your journey with “Manifestation”.

What does it mean to Manifest?

Well, it means, to bring about your deepest desires to reality.

And the beauty of it, is that NOW, you will be guided with this deck as to how you can bring your MANIFESTATIONS to fruition.

Is it easy to use? Will it be difficult to interpret the messages?
Not at all! Have a look below at some of the testimonials from our customers.
Guess what! Even though we have not officially launched our Oracle Deck, we have been so blessed to have sold more than 100 sets Oracle Decks!!
Count me in! How much is the Deck and do I get my Deck?
Our Oracle Deck is reasonably priced at RM60 per deck.
Just purchase your deck with us at the link below


 Collect your deck and join us for our Grand Launch on 11 October 2020.
As a special Grand Launch offer, for every deck purchased, we are giving you a free 15min card reading especially for you!
PM us below to purchase your deck and book your spot for the free reading too!

Don’t miss out on this wonderful offer and joins us for a day of manifestation!!