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Have you ever wanted to learn Angel Card Reading, but felt intimidated by the idea of having to memorize the meaning of the cards? Or maybe you started learning, but gave up halfway? 

In this comprehensive beginner’s guide to Angel Card Reading, we will show you the step-by-step how to use your card decks and unlock the intuitive knowledge you have within you so you can use it to manifest your best life.

Also, in this workshop, you will also learn how to connect to your Guides at a deeper level and develop your intuition to the next level. 

This workshop developed by Malati Devi Chhetri has two (2) levels.

What we will cover:

In Level 1, you will:

  • Learn how to connect to your Guides, get their messages and how to apply these messages to your life
  • Learn how to trust and improve your intuition
  • Learn step by step how to give and receive accurate readings

In Level 2, you will:

  • Build a deeper connection to your Guardian Angel 
  • Learn about Spirit Guides and Totem Animals
  • Special Angel Card Reading with the Archangels

Level 1 needs to be completed before attending Level 2. 

Our next workshop dates are 

Level 1 – 4 July 2020 or 12 September 2020

Level 2 – 5 July 2020 or 13 September 2020

Do Message us for further details and book your slot early to avoid disappointment.