Opening Hours

Mon - Sun: 10AM - 5PM

Manifestation is about influencing your external circumstances by changing your state of consciousness/mind. Have you ever wondered how to create the life you desire from Within empowered by the Universe? Then this workshop is perfect for you!

In this workshop, Kavineswary Arumugam will:

  • Talk about how to manifest, signs, timing and more.
  • Share her experience on what she has manifested previously in her entire life and allow you to understand the magnitude of our power to bring about what we want.
  • Explain how to manifest in our most challenging moments.
  • Explain different ways to effortlessly bring about wealth, health, love and everything else you ever wanted to bring to your life. 

And more!

Our next workshop is on  27 September 2020. This will be the last workshop for the year. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to hone in your manifesting skills! 

Do Message us for more details and book your spot as places are limited.