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Space Cleansing... is it for you?

Looking after your personal sacred space is important, if you don’t know where to start or aren’t sure of all the ways you can clear your space, this is the workshop for you.

Space cleansing is the act of  “cleansing” of energies that often lingers in an office, home or room.  Have you ever entered someone’s home and the “air”  feels rather dense?  You may be feeling the residue of energy that usually lingers after an argument, illness, financial woes, etc.  It is important to clear “old energy” to allow “new energy” to flow. 

Space cleansing is an ancient practice.  In almost every ancient culture in the world our ancestors recognized the need to clear the old energy and spirits. When should you consider space clearing?  Any time that you want to clear old energy or feel results are blocked or stagnant.  For example, if you are buying a home or move into a new office,  it’s important to clear the old energy from previous occupants to bring your new energy in.   Sometimes blockages in this area prevent positive energy from moving into your space.  

In this workshop, Davinia Rajadurai will guide you with simple techniques to bring harmony and protect your space and life using different methods. This workshop allows you to have hands-on experience using the different methods of space cleansing which you can apply immediately to your space and life. 

Upcoming Space Cleansing workshop will be on 24 October 2020. This is the only workshop for the year, so do book early to avoid disappointment.