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I love going out during the Full Moon to sit and reflect. The moon has this magical, serene and mysterious energy that draws you in as you meditate under the moon.

For centuries, legend has it that Full Moons make people go crazy. Did you know that the word “lunatic” comes from the Latin word for Full Moon. The Full Moon symbolizes an image of wholeness and strength while the Chinese associate the moon with the essence of Yin and femininity; as such, the Full Moon also represents the high Yin/Feminine energy.

During a Full Moon, the Moon sits opposite the Sun, reflecting the light of the Sun. The Moon & Sun being on opposite sides also means that the yin & yang energies are in harmony and balance.

The Full Moon is a powerful time to reflect on gratitude, acknowledging the beauty of life and all that you have created i.e what makes you “You”.  During the periods of a Full Moon (2-3 days before and after the Full Moon), you may feel intuitively guided to express your creativity, connect to more sensual activities (dancing, singing or anything that calls to you) and let go of any aspects of your life that no longer serves your Highest Purpose.


Cleanse Your Space

A full moon is the optimal time to cleanse your space, body, and mind. The full moon tends to mark a big build up of energy—light and dark. By cleansing your space, and even your body, you are aiding in removing or letting go of that built up energy. You can use light, sound, and incense to cleanse your home. Most importantly, having a positive intention also allows for the cleansing process to be more complete and thorough. You can also smudge yourself or take a salt bath to release any negativity.  

Our in-house Space Cleansing and Healing expert, Davinia Rajadurai, teaches aspiring space cleansing students the basics of space cleansing in a very interactive manner. Her Healing workshops also guides you on what you can do for self-healing especially during times like this. You can find out more here and here.

Charge Your Crystals

The light from the Full Moon is perfect for charging and cleansing your crystals. The feminine energy of the Full Moon allows the crystals to release any lingering energy so that the next time you use them, they’ll be cleansed and ready for use.

Master Sarika Malhotra created an amazing crystals and essential oils workshop that allows crystal lovers to connect deeper to their crystals and harness its powers. Find out more here.


A Full Moon is a great time to ‘moon bathe’ – simply sit under the light of the moon & meditate, the perfect time for self reflection. As you bring your awareness to your breathe, breathe-in and draw in the beauty of the moon to warm your Heart & allow yourself to honor yourself in the present moment. As you breathe-out, let the light of the moon work for your Highest Purpose and the Highest Purpose of all and release all that no longer serves your purpose.

One way to fully benefit and experience the ‘moon bathe’ is to attend a Full Moon meditation near you. Pendulums Of The Universe will be facilitating the upcoming Oct and Nov Full Moon meditation and the theme for this two sessions are “Manifestations”. 

Do contact Davinia at 017-878 7095 to book your spot. 

Just Chill

Lastly, the Full Moon is about tapping into your feminine energy. Just retreating within to observe what comes up, the situations, its circumstances, people, and emotions. Through this inner reflection, you may find solutions to the challenges that may be holding you back. Sometimes, we just need to chill, see the big picture and understand what the Universe is trying to tell us. Trust the process and know you are on the path to exactly where you need to be.

So, while I enjoy my Full Moon tonight, I hope that you will also join us and enjoy the Full Moon.

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