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Last night, our dearest Master Sarika reached out and invited all Pendulums Of The Universe family to join her for a virtual morning meditation. We were all excited to be able to connect to Master and everyone else. The thought of a virtual meditation was exciting as it involved higher self connection. 

At 6.30am, Master Sarika and many were already awake and sending morning greetings to the Group. Many shared their lovely morning view from their backyard following the Movement Restriction Order (“MRO”). I too witnessed a beautiful sight in front of me, a skyline with the sun rising from the horizon. 

We started our practice with grounding and breathing techniques, connecting to Master and everyone. This was followed by three (3) rounds of Surya Namaskar to balance both the left and the right meridian. We then moved on to our Sun Meditation followed by quieting our mind and sending love and light to the entire world and all of mankind. 

It was truly an amazing sharing as each of us saw, felt and experienced different things during our meditation. At the end of the day, everyone felt so much more at peace and energised. 

Subsequently, Master Sarika asked us to join her for the 5 April 2020 10.45am Global Meditation for Healing and Awakening. This was also another superpower amazing meditation. The energies was strong and the love sent to every creature and human was immeasurable. Truly felt the healing spread wide and far. 

This Global meditation can continued to be performed as and when you feel the called to practice. With each time this meditation is performed, let us continue to spread love and light throughout Mother Earth and all of humanity. 

Love and Light.

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