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Firstly, what are your Guides?

A Guide is a Being that helps you find solutions to situations that you are in or sometimes nudges you in the right direction. We’ve all heard of “Eureka”  moments such as when Einstein identified the “E=mc2″ formula or more recently, Elon Musk figured out what was needed to launch his space rocket tours. I’m sure we have all had “lightbulb” moments.

So, who are your Guides?

Actually, your Guides are all around you. It just depends on who or what you feel more connected to. One main class of Guides are the Ascended Masters who appear in all belief systems for example, Jesus Christ, Buddha, Guru Nanak, Krishna and many more. All these Ascended Masters have come to teach us about Love, Forgiveness and help us open our eyes to the true purpose of man on earth.

Besides this, we also receive guidance from our ancestors, our animal spirit guides and our Guardian Angels and Archangels such as Archangel Michael, Raphael and Gabriel.

How do our Guides communicate with us?

We receive messages in a number of ways. The most common way is appearing in out dreams. While our minds are too busy in the waking hours, in sleep we are more open to receiving messages at a higher frequency.

In cases of a loved one that recently passed, it is very important to not stay in a state of grief so we can receive messages from them.

Another way that we receive messages from our Guides is seeing feathers, coins or repetitive numbers. Our Guides also communicate with us through our senses. For example, a passing whiff of perfume, hearing a familiar tune, seeing flashes of light or at some times even hearing a soft whisper.

When do we receive messages?

Actually all the time! Learning to recognise the messages and signs from our Guides is one thing. Learning to trust and believe that the messages and signs are right and for our greater good is a different thing all together.

So how do we connect to our Guides?

Firstly, you have to have a strong sense of self belief. You have to believe that you are able to do it. Then you should practice meditation, to increase your frequency and vibration to become more receptive. You can also journal and express your creative side through colouring and painting.

If you feel called to find out more about your Guides, feel free to connect with us and join us for our next “An Introduction to Angel Card Reading and Connecting to Guides” workshop.

Blog post courtesy of Malati Devi Chhetri

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