Opening Hours

Mon - Sun: 10AM - 5PM

The only way to experience true wellbeing is to turn inward. This is what yoga means – not up, not out, but in. In is the only way out. – Sadhguru

Take a step towards your wellbeing with these meditation sessions, held weekly, which are suitable for beginners and seasoned meditation practitioners. The sessions are open to people of all ages, religion, cultures and background. 

Each session is different allowing for the practitioner to experience life beyond the limitations of the body and mind.

We run weekly meditation classes on Wednesday evenings (7.45pm – 8.45pm) and on Sunday mornings (7.45am – 9.45am). Come and join us anytime and experience an enlightening journey on your spiritual path. 

Additionally, we have special meditation sessions throughout the year to harness the energies of that particular day. The dates for our Pendulums Of The Universe special meditation sessions will be updated on our FB page. So do like and follow us on Facebook to keep updated with our happenings.