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What is meant by space cleansing? Is it the same as spring cleaning or decluttering? Well, space cleansing in essence is the process of removing stagnant or negative energies from a place or area. The most obvious or extreme example of this would be an exorcism – we have all heard of places being haunted or cursed where spirits or entities need to be removed before it’s fit for habitation. Don’t worry – I’m not going to go that far.

So what are the benefits to apply space cleansing techniques? Well, simple, it improves the atmosphere in an area and lifts the energy. It really does make a difference.

Who can do this? Anyone actually. I’m not telling you that after this you can go and exorcise a ghost from a friend or relatives property. What I mean is that anyone can use basic methods to clear stagnant energy from a space. We’ve all done it in some form before – I’m sure you’ve gone into a room and felt the need to open windows or spray some scent just so it doesn’t feel so stale or abandoned.


When do you do this? Honestly, anytime you feel the need to. Some examples of situations which call for space cleansing are :-

  • You move into a new place – we all have blessing ceremonies for new houses or offices. You could also cleanse your hotel room when you check in.
  • You don’t like the energy in the space – trust your intuition. If you’re feeling off centre, there’s probably a reason.
  • Something bad has happened in that space.
  • Someone has died in that space.
  • After a illness in that space – these are not new concepts. We’ve all cleaned up after an illness or a death.
  • If your house smells musty or bad.
  • You just came back from a vacation or trip and your home has been closed up.
  • You or someone in the house is having nightmares.

Please note that it’s better or more effective when space cleansing is carried out in broad daylight when the sun is shining. Try not to do this in the middle of the night or in the middle of a thunderstorm.

So what can you use to carry out the space cleansing? There are numerous methods that have been used for centuries and I’m going to go through some of the more common methods.

First, let’s talk about something that we’re all familiar with – Sound. Bells, drums, gongs, firecrackers, chanting, religious songs. All these are used by numerous races and religions. We also have singing bowls and crystal bowls that are quite common these days.

Nowadays, you can just go to YouTube and google “space cleansing”, “Mantras” or “singing bowls”. You name it, it’s probably on YouTube.

How does sound clear or cleanse a space? Simple – it lifts the vibration and the energy in that space. Sometimes, even clapping in dark corners, as silly as it sounds, can help improve the atmosphere in a room. Let’s not forget wind chimes – their soft tinkling can keep positive energy flowing into a space.

Like I said earlier, some people automatically grab air freshener and spray it around a room when they enter it.

What you can do to help cleanse a space is diffuse Essential Oils such as lavender, frankincense, myrrh, peppermint, sage, palosanto, or eucalyptus. There’s no need to use a lot in the diffuser, just a few drops is enough. If you want to make a spray, just 5 drops and a tiny bit of alcohol such as vodka in 10 ml of water is more than enough. Just make sure that you don’t spray it in anyones face and no one in the area is allergic. I used peppermint oil once and caused the friend I was staying with to have a severe asthma / allergy attack!

You could also use Salt as it absorbs negative energy. Use natural i.e. non processed salt such as rock salt or sea salt. You can leave it in a bowl in a corner and change it regularly. Another method is to sprinkle a bit of salt on the carpet or floor and vacumm it up after about an hour or after leaving it overnight.


Another term that’s commonly used nowadays is Smudging.

Many things can be used to smudge:-

  1. Palo santo stick – these are lit and burn for just a few seconds releasing a scented smoke. However, due to the way that it is being unethically harvested, you may want to reconsider using it.
  2. Smudge bundle – these are normally made of sage but actually can be made of a number of herbs. What you do is light one end and loosen it slightly to allow the herbs to burn and smoke. When you’re done with the process, make sure you extinguish it on sand or on a heat proof surface. Otherwise it will smoulder away until it’s gone.
  3. Joss sticks
  4. Incense – these are herbs and incense which are burnt either individually or in a blend.

Before you start, make sure that you have all your supplies handy for the method(s) you want to use. Don’t start and then run around looking for something.

The most important thing about space cleansing is your intention. Anyone can wave around joss sticks and play music. It may have some small effect but it really makes a difference when you think about what you’re doing and the result you want. I used to watch my father carry sambrani around the house twice a week and then started doing it as I got older but I had no idea what we were doing or why. It was just something that was done like clockwork. Now it clicks. So first of all, think about what you are doing.

Besides that, we all need help and blessings from the Divine so before you do anything, just close your eyes and say a short prayer to the Deity or Light Being that you feel closest to and ask for their blessing, guidance and protection during the space cleansing.

You can choose to combine more than one method. For example, you could have music playing in the background while you smudge or use a singing bowl. Don’t limit yourself. Just do what feels right.

It’s best to start at a doorway or entrance and move in a clockwise direction as you cleanse the space. This allows the energy to leave through the doorway. You can cleanse once or three times or whatever seems right to you.

With incense or oils, we can change the intention. For example, you can do one circuit to cleanse the space and a second to perhaps add a layer of protection using a different essential oil or incense blend. 

When you’re done, remember to thank the Deity or Light Being that you invoked earlier. And at the end of the day, you need to cleanse all the energy that you took on.

We’ve all heard of Mandi Bunga and washing your feet when you enter the house. You need to take a full bath from head to toe and ask that anything negative be cleansed during the bath. What you can use in the water is:-

  • Salt
  • a few drops of essential oils such as lavender, frankincense, myrrh, peppermint, sage, palosanto, eucalyptus
  • turmeric / manjel / kunyit
  • Bath salts

What’s important is your intention when you put the items in the water. You need to be clear that you’re going to use the water to cleanse yourself of any negative energy.

If you can’t do this, you should scrub your palms and the soles of your feet with salt. Again, you need to set the intention for what you’re doing.

Well, I hope that you all have enjoyed this. Let me know your comments. Also, if you would like to find out more in detail, do check out our Space Cleansing workshops.

Blog post courtesy of Davinia Rajadurai

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