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Pendulums Of The Universe is a space lovingly created to spread spirituality through love and awareness.


PENDULUMS OF THE UNIVERSE PLT. (“POTU”) was founded by Master Sarika Maholtra together with a group of volunteers in 2017. POTU is a non-religious, non-political organisation which was incorporated with the objective of helping individuals from all walks of life to have a deeper understanding of themselves and to develop their maximum potential using a holistic approach connecting the physical, mental and emotional self.

POTU’s aim is to organise a series of interactive workshops featuring speakers covering a wide variety of topics with the ultimate goal of guiding participants to leading a more balanced life. We believe that these workshops will inspire and empower participants by boosting their self-confidence, self realisation and self understanding which will in turn enhance their individual experiences/outlook on a personal and professional level.

Master Sarika Malhotra

Master Sarika Malhotra
Founder of Pendulums of the Universe
“Awaken ~ The Divine You”
Consultant and Life Coach, Meditation Instructor,
Transformational Healer, Holistic Practitioner

Sarika Malhotra is the founder of Pendulums of The Universe (“POTU”) and Phases New Age Spa (specialising in Beauty and Wellness, Holistic Therapies, Energy Healing and Meditation Awareness). Her Beauty and Wellness Programmes are well-designed for each individual’s beauty requirements while her Holistic Therapies and Energy Healing sessions provide clients with alternative health opportunities to support treatment and/or medication. She is an advocate of meditation as a means to go within to search for the answers (enlightenment) and spreads her knowledge through organised meditation sessions.

She is a passionate woman who has had humble beginnings going through different phases in her life. These phases in her life have given her the realisation of her true potential to guide the people around her. Her humble demeanour makes it comfortable for people to approach her and connect with her. Thus, propelling her to be a certified life coach and the creator of the “You Have The Power” workshop.

The “You Have The Power” workshop is a 4 day workshop designed to help you unlock and unleash the power within that can help you break through any limit and create the quality of life you desire. Through this workshop, she has coached and provided mentorship to individuals to help them create the change that they want and reach for their highest potential.

Subsequent to that, she has since developed many more retreats allowing individuals to create and manifest their dreams in directing them on their life purpose.

She was also a facilitator for the Festival du Feminin 2019 and a speaker in the Streams of Life events, an in-house event bringing holistic and wellness awareness to everyone.